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1969 Tecno Formula 3
- Chassis # TOO334
- ex-Ronnie Peterson / Squadra Robardie
Colour:yellow livery


Here we offer what is, in reality, one of the world's most iconic, most historic and most collectible racing cars. It wears Chassis # TOO334 - the Formula 3 Tecno 69 in which Peterson launched his world-class career by winning no fewer than 16 races during the 1969 International season – headed by outright victory right here at Monte Carlo in the Formula 3 race supporting the 1969 Monaco Grand Prix...

The story of this great racing car effectively began when Peterson travelled down to Bologna in early 1969 with fellow racing driver and friend Sten Gunnarsson to collect the car. Subsequently the absolutely iconic career-launching Formula 3 Tecno offered here was campaigned by him with great success during the 1969 season, achieving no less than 16 victories. Please see the full list of results for details. Into 1970 this ex-Squadra Robardie Ronnie Peterson Tecno was acquired by fellow-Swede Rolf Skoghag. He drove it into a fifth-place finish first time out at Falkenberg before struggling for the rest of the year. Ronnie Peterson was, in truth, a simply impossible act to follow as can be seen in the full results.

1969 Results (Ronnie Peterson)

    1st - Trofeo Novelan, Monza Pista Junior, Italy - April 7

    1st - Coppa Ranieri Maria Pesci, Vallelunga, Italy - April 13

    1st - Vastkustloppets Vartavling, Falkenberg, Sweden - April 20

    1st - Hyllingeloppet, Knutstorp, Sweden - April 27

    1st - Velodromloppet 1969, Karlskoga, Sweden - May 4

    1st - Coppa Alberto Canaletti Gaudenti, Vallelunga, Italy - May 10

    1st - Monaco Grand Prix Formula 3, Monte Carlo - May 17

    2nd – Greater London Trophy Heat 3, Crystal Palace, UK - May 26

    2nd – Greater London Trophy Final, Crystal Palace, UK - May 26

    1st - Svenska Masterskapet, Anderstorp, Sweden - June 8

    7th Monza Lottery GP 68 Tecno - June 22 (FORMULA 2)

    1st - PR for Men Trophy, Anderstorp, Sweden - June 29

    1st and Ronnie on pole Heat 1, Criterium de Magny-Cours, France - July 14

    2nd – Final, Criterium de Magny-Cours, France - July 14

    3rd - Plessey Trophy (British GP F3 support race), Silverstone, UK - July 19

    1st - Vastkustloppet, Falkenberg, Sweden - August 3

    1st - Premiartavlingen, Kinekullering, Sweden - August 10

    1st - Kanonloppet, Karlskoga, Sweden - August 17

    1st - Skarsnackloppet, Skarspnacks Flygplats, Sweden - August 24

    2nd - Knutstorp Cup Heat 2, Knutstorp, Sweden - August 31

    4th and fastest lap - Knutstorp Cup Final, Knutstorp, Sweden - August 31

    1st - Svenska Masterskapet, Bengtsfors, Sweden - September 7

    1st - Coppa dell'Autodromo, Monza Pista Junior - September 21


1970 Results (Rolf Skoghag)

    5th - Varloppet, Falkenbergs Motorbana, Sweden - Rolf Skoghag - Private Racing - April 19

    Rtd (engine) - Svenska Masterskapet, Mantorp Pro, Linkoping, Sweden - Rolf Skoghag - Private Racing - April 26

    Rtd - Svenska Masterskapet, Scandinavian Raceway, Anderstorp, Sweden - Rolf Skoghag - Private Racing - May 3

    Rtd - Helsingin Vautikisat, Keimola Mootoristadion, Finland - Rolf Skoghag - Private Press Racing - May 10

    21st - Dalsland Ring Cup, Bengtsfors, Sweden - Rolf Skoghag - Private Press Racing - May 18

    Rtd in Heat 1 (collision) - Kanonloppet, Gellerasbanan, Karlskoga, Sweden - Rolf Skoghag - Private Racing - August 9

    12th - Knutstorp Cup, Ring Knutstorp, Sweden - Rolf Skoghag - Private Racing - August 16

    17th - Kinekullering, Gotene, Sweden - Rolf Skoghag - Private Racing - August 23


Staffan Svenby, Ronnie's business manager and godfather to his daughter Nina, re-acquired the car from Skoghag in 1971. Staffan had the car restored and it was subsequently displayed at the Ronnie Peterson Museum at his home town of Orebro and more recently at the motor sport college at Ring Knutstorp, inspiring the next generation of motor sport engineers. It was left to Nina after Staffan passed away and is was sold in 2018 directly from Peterson family ownership.


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